What happened at the Jupyter Amsterdam Meetup launch?

What happened at the Jupyter Amsterdam Meetup launch?

As part of our commitment to the open source community, HAL24K hosted the first Jupyter Amsterdam Meetup last night – on Valentine’s night so yes, we mean it when we say we love open source.

Jupyter is the non-profit project which supports data science and scientific computing across all programming languages. It’s developed in the open on GitHub, is 100% open-source software, free for all to use and we hope to add new voices to its thriving community.

Speakers included data science consultant, Rafael V. Pierre, and HAL24K’s head of engineering and Jupyter enthusiast, Amir Sciammas.

After a short introduction by HAL24K CEO Jerome Mol, Amir took the stage and spoke about his passion for data, infrastructure and DevOps.

Amir talked about the history from IPython to JupyterLab, gave a brief overview on MyBinder and shared his experience on how to operate Jupyter for teams (JupyterHub). He also discussed the Community and ‘How can we be part of it’.

Data scientist Rafael V. Pierre has a background in private banking and high frequency trading and he now works as consultant in Singapore and Indonesia. His presentation, “Location Intelligence”, revealed how he applied the intelligence he uses in his professional life to find the right place to live in Amsterdam.

It was a great inaugural event, there was a lively exchange of ideas over drinks and food, and we look forward to hosting the next Jupyter Amsterdam Meetup soon.

Be part of the open conversation

If you believe in the power of open tools and standards to make a difference, join the Jupyter Amsterdam Meetups here.

The next Meetup is planned in April. It’s the ideal place to meet your peers, share insights and find collaboration opportunities.