Payback time

Payback time

TensorFlow and PyTorch, .NET core, Kubernetes, Rust and Docker won’t be names that are familiar to every reader, but they are examples of open source tools commonly used to build innovative software, including the team at HAL24K

Our Dimension platform utilizes open source and we're starting to contribute back to the community by open sourcing some of the internal tools and the libraries we’ve built. We’ve begun by opening up OOProxy.

OOProxy is one of the components we use for authenticating our machine learning APIs. OOProxy is written in Rust, a new programming language that allows you to write safe, fast and memory-efficient software. You can read more about OOProxy here.

In the coming months we'll be open-sourcing more internal tooling and (data-science) libraries. Hopefully, this will enable us to help and collaborate with people working on solving similar problems.

It’s a chance to share back and build better solutions we can all benefit from.