Smart traffic management with AI

HAL24K’s practical smart traffic management solutions tackle the issues that impact on urban mobility.

Using multiple data streams as raw input, our AI and data intelligence platform Dimension makes it possible to create, scale up and implement workable smart mobility solutions.

Local authorities, road operators and construction companies can harness real-time data to create actionable insights for improved traffic control and operations.


Traffic Flow Optimization

HAL24K Traffic Flow Optimization offers six building blocks, each designed to work with existing infrastructure and data streams, so that organizations can quickly deploy the solutions of choice to keep traffic flowing.

How does Traffic Flow Optimization work?

HAL24K’s data intelligence platform, Dimension, enables seamless operationalization of AI solutions.

An open, secure and scalable SaaS platform, Dimension allows easy ingestion and management of data, deployment and visualization of AI output and easy integration with third-party systems.


Data is streamed to Dimension in real-time. AI models set to work and the output is sent to the appropriate dashboard or control system.

Working with existing infrastructure, organizations can act immediately, whether it is dynamic control of lights at intersections, opening and redirecting lanes or communicating with drivers.

Real-world benefits of Traffic Flow Optimization


Keep traffic flowing

Data-driven decision making and control through real-time insights

Quick and effective response to bottlenecks

Adaptive forecasts to enhance traffic scenarios

Optimize operations and planning with minimal impact

Unlock value from data

Manage multiple data streams as raw input, in real-time

Easy ingestion and visualization of dataflow

Reads international traffic data exchange standards

Feeds existing traffic management and control systems


Efficiently manage road infrastructure

Improve design & configuration of critical infrastructure

Optimize maintenance efficiency and cost

Maximize road infrastructure capacity and use

Extend lifetime value of assets

Boost driver experience

Timely and accurate information

Optimized rerouting

Smart traffic management at work