Dimension is the platform built to deliver real-world results from AI, machine learning and predictive intelligence.

An end-to-end SaaS platform, it gives the whole organization the tools and capabilities needed to solve even the toughest of challenges and realize true operational change.

From data ingestion through to predictive planning, Dimension is powerful, comprehensive and practical.

With Dimension, truly data-driven decision-making is at hand and operational transformation possible.


HAL24K Dimension will:

  • Channel and visualize complex data streams

  • Explore, analyze and model data

  • Simply visualize complex output

  • Integrate easily with existing systems and databases


Who does Dimension work for?

For everyone.

Time to see what’s possible?

How Dimension is making a difference

Delays at toll plazas frustrate drivers. But with HAL24K Dimension’s accurate predictions and near real-time visualization of traffic intensities, we can provide our customers with the updates they need to better plan their journeys, leading to less congestion.
— Olympia Odos, Greece