Until now, machine learning toolkits focused on engaging with data scientists and R&D departments. An end-to-end SaaS platform, Dimension is built differently.

Its practical as well as powerful and works across the organization. Only then is it possible to deliver true business value.


For data science teams

Work with familiar data science (DS) tools and libraries

Easy deployment of ML solutions

No need to rewrite code to integrate with live systems

Reuse experimental code and deploy easily

Make your work count!


For operational users and managers

Enable routine use of data intelligence throughout the organization

Get instant visualization of the output from your DS team

Get real-time insight into your products and operations

Get alerts of upcoming anomalies to enable timely action

Customize your dashboard to get the digital representations you need


For IT administrators and data engineers

No need for large infrastructure on site

Secure, open and proven technologies

Easy integration with business and control systems using graphical dataflow tools

Standard adaptors for many databases, APIs, and file formats

Datastream ingestion and process flow

Easily and securely control user rights

A noSQL database deployed as multi-node replica set for maximum resilience

Replicated microservices technology to maximize uptime

Time to see what’s possible?