The Innovation Expo presents: Hal24K

Published on Innovation Expo on 22-05-2018

Data science start-up HAL24K has offices in Amsterdam, Silicon Valley and London. It is the first company to provide ready-to-use and predictive information to smart cities and smart enterprises. HAL24K collects and analyzes data and gives cities, governments and companies clear and up-to-date insight into problem areas, or the opportunity predict potential problems. In this way, HAL24K helps to save costs and improve efficiencies of available resources and people. CEO Jerome Mol explains how HAL24K contributes to solving the challenges societies are facing.

What is your innovation?
We apply advanced data science to contribute to the development of smart cities and smart infrastructure. This applies to traffic, water and fleet management as well as harbors and airports.

Financial systems, social media, sensors, satellites, photos and mobile networks provide a wealth of data. By cleverly connecting and integrating such data sources, you can generate the right information to solve many complex problems.

With an automated traffic management system, for example, the use of real-time data can reduce the number of traffic jams in and around cities. For water management, advanced data science can ensure less water losses and better quality. And with smart crowd management solutions you can optimize tourist flows.

Why is this unique?
Our technology is incredibly advanced and world-class. I think the proof for this is our partnership with engineering firms Tauw and Royal HaskoningDHV. Both companies have in-depth domain knowledge. For example, we have been working with Tauw for quite some time to enable smart water management. I am thrilled that these companies choose us as a trusted partner. With our data science techniques, we can supply ready-to-use and predictive information flows. By combining this with the domain knowledge of partners, we can develop data-driven solutions that help transform future living environments. In this way we also strengthen society: we make the world a bit better.

What does your innovation contribute to the global challenges of the Innovation Expo?
The Innovation Expo is about innovation related to circular economy, energy, water, mobility, infrastructure, health, food and key technologies. HAL24K's innovations are related to water, mobility and smart infrastructure. But also with other elements that impact on the environment and society, such as the control of congestion, pollution, fleet management and so on. In this way, we believe that we, with our specific expertise, can contribute fundamentally to solutions for global challenges.

What do you need to speed up your innovation?
At the moment we are mainly looking at the government. If the government's willingness to work with smaller, innovative companies increases, innovation such as ours can gain momentum.


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