Amsterdam AI Startups 2017

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Amsterdam AI Startups
to keep an eye on in 2017

Over the last two years, Dutch startup HAL24K have really made a name for themselves. As well as their location in Amsterdam, the data-intelligence lab has expanded into the US and UK with offices in London and San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. The startup’s mission is to make the world a better place by making cities smarter, utilising their expertise in data-science techniques such as machine learning, language processing, deep learning, language processing and complex event processing.

HAL24K are achieving their goal by means of a platform that is capable of analysing, connecting and visualising data streams; this enables businesses and governments to get a comprehensive view of their operations, helping them react to issues swiftly and efficiently. The AI startup is predominantly focused on predictive maintenance in smart cities, optimising health services, solving parking-related problems and predicting traffic. Amsterdam is leading the way in smart-city projects, so it seems only fitting that this smart-city-focused Amsterdam startup is having such success.

Source: I amsterdam