co-hosts of a webinar on

Smart water management
with data science

Data intelligence specialist HAL24K is inviting water sector professionals to a short online webinar which will set out how data science has solved challenges in water treatment plants and in the management of water levels and quality.

We are delighted that the webinar will be co-hosted by the Future Water Association.

The not for profit organization’s mission is to bring together the supply chain to think creatively, release their potential and develop innovative solutions that will shape the future of the water sector for the better.

As the industry values practical applications of cutting-edge data science, there will be a live demonstration of HAL24K’s data intelligence platform Dimension to show how sensor data can avoid downtime and make proactive maintenance possible.

It will take just 30 minutes of your time and if you’d like to sign, please add your details below.



Topic: Smart water management with data science

Audience: Water sector professionals

Date: 28th March, 14:00 GMT

Language: English

Cost: Free

Contact: webinars@hal24k.com

You can follow the webinar online via your PC or tablet.

You can also dial in.

The webinar is 30 minutes after which participants are welcome to ask questions.



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