HAL24K makes the Top Ten

HAL24K makes the Top Ten

InformationWeek has named HAL24K as part of its 2019 ‘Vendors to Watch’.

The business technology magazine’s review listed HAL24K’s SaaS platform Dimension, in the Top Ten for ‘Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms’.

Dimension is designed to deliver operational excellence from real-world and real-time data through AI and machine learning. As well as ingesting complex data streams, the platform models and visualizes output and makes it possible to create applications that integrate easily with existing systems. It allows organizations to operationalize data-driven decision-making, and do so at scale.

“I’m delighted that we are one of the ‘Vendors to Watch’,” comments HAL24K’s CEO Jerome Mol.

“We wanted Dimension to be truly end-to-end, and meet demands across organizations, from data ingestion through to predictive planning. The platform is practical and powerful. That is how we solve the toughest of challenges our clients face as they manage their complex infrastructure and assets.

“Throughout 2019, we are confident that we will see more success stories in water, traffic and asset management, working together with some of the most distinguished engineering and construction firms in the world.”

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